Growing your family starts from a place of health and wellness, and we tailor our care to address your family’s unique needs.
Childbirth Preparation2 1/2 hours
A comprehensive course designed to prepare you and your team for labor, this class focuses on the emotional and physical transitions that occur during normal birth. Learn coping skills and techniques to encourage progress during all stages of labor. Appropriate for every birthing family regardless of plans for pain management. We encourage your entire birth team to attend this class.
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Classes offered monthlyand can be taken in any order
Breastfeeding Basics2 hours
An interactive, 2-hour course, this class focuses on skills for early breastfeeding success. We review infant latch, milk supply, and ways that you and your baby work together to ensure effective feeding. Leave confident and relaxed. Breastfeeding is a family affair! We encourage partners to attend.
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The First Weeks2 hours
With a specific emphasis on the family as a whole, this class prepares new parents to care for themselves and their baabe during the first days at home. We review normal newborn behavior, tips for soothing, sleeping and more. Most importantly, we focus on setting realistic expectations for the physical and emotional transition into parenthood.
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